County Mayor Tang Yi visited Guangdong Master Group to participate in industry research

On January 5th, the vice secretary chief and county mayor of Xinxing County Tang Yi, the deputy vice magistrate Liu Fenghan, the vice county magistrate Chen Dadong, the county vice director and union president Su Weixiong, the county committee vice president Chen Jinzhong, Xincheng town and Taiping town related officials from Xinxing visited Guangdong Master Group to discuss cookware industry trends. The chairman and president of group Liang Guiquan, executive vice president Liu Bingyao led the discussion.

The county mayor of Xinxing County Tang Yi inspected the development and construction of New City Plaza, Spring Valley, and new office sites of Master Group. Mr.Tang noted that Master Group being one of the leading enterprises in Xinxing, must be innovative, and be distinct in its direction of development, in order sustain industry growth.

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